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USA Dance Communications

Alexandra Caluen

Greetings to our members and friends! This is an important message about how to receive chapter communications.

As recommended by USA Dance National, we have established a chapter Facebook group. There is no charge to join Facebook or subscribe to the group. All you need is an email address. We encourage all our members and friends to join – it's a great way to get and share news, updates, and alerts in a timely manner.

Once you have established a Facebook account, search for "USA Dance Los Angeles County" and you will find our group. Submit a join request and one of the moderators will have you signed up promptly. There is just one catch: please don't use this group for non-USA Dance related promotions. This is by request from National.

Regarding our e-mail list:

If you have signed up for our e-mail list, please make sure that you have added "usadancela (at) gmail (dot) com" to your address book. Otherwise, your e-mail provider may block our messages.
When you sign up for our e-mail list, please use your full name. If we do not have a name, or if a name appears to be fictitious, the signup request may be deleted.

We review our contact list, which contains over 1000 distinct contacts, from time to time. Messages that have bounced will be analyzed, and addresses which have rejected our messages more than once will be deleted.

Chapter members will be automatically added to the mailing list going forward.*
If you would like to receive specific types of messages (DanceSport, Outreach) please send us a request via e-mail to be added to a group.

Our "next dance" messages will be sent to all listmembers except Professionals.
Our list is hidden to recipients and is never shared.

If you have a question, story suggestion, or piece of news to share, please send it to our general mailbox.

Because we have limited volunteer man-hours, website updates will be done approximately once a month. New material will generally be linked to our Facebook group page.

*Any list member may unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of our messages prepared using Constant Contact. Please be aware that if you unsubscribe and later change your mind, we cannot add you back – you will need to sign up again using the website's widget.

One more thing: if you unsubscribe using the Constant Contact link, we cannot add you back. Only you can do that, unless you provide us with a different email address. Our current messages include a link at the bottom to manage your Constant Contact mail; if you realize that you are not receiving our messages, ask us to forward a recent message to you. You can then use the link to reactivate your subscription.