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USA Dance Chapter of the Year!

Alexandra Caluen

Chapter of the Year!

We are pleased to announce that USA Dance Los Angeles County, Chapter #4031, has been selected as 2012-2013 National Chapter of the Year. Current President Jerry Hernandez will travel to the National Chapter Conference March 7-10 (courtesy of the National Board) to accept this award on behalf of the chapter.

Our "Big Idea" events in 2012 included participation in the Rose Parade. This endeavor was planned and organized during the last two months of 2011 and is described in a separate post. USA Dance's representation in the Rose Parade may be the first time a chapter has been able to reach such an immense audience. The event was featured on the cover of "American Dancer" magazine.

Ongoing missions for our chapter include the Senior Outreach program, a very rewarding public service organized at present by Laura Harvell and Sue Barr.

Additionally, for several years the chapter has organized in-school ballroom instruction for kids in the LAUSD. In 2012 and again in 2013, the Nora Sterry school is participating in the Dancing Feet intermural ballroom competition, with finals taking place at the High Desert Dance Classic.

The Los Angeles County chapter has maintained a schedule of social dances which draw members and friends from as far away as Ventura, Orange County, and the Inland Empire. In 2012 we experimented with "partnership dances" to reach smaller venues with new populations of dancers.

In 2012 we also held another great Showcase event. Several studios around town offer Showcases for their students, but ours is open to all. We've had great response in the past from local professionals, and plan to continue offering an inclusive Showcase for the fun and benefit of our members and friends.

Chapter members participate regularly in dance-oriented "special events." In 2012, this included a fundraiser for St. Monica's School in Santa Monica. Our members represented USA Dance beautifully as excellent partners for the school's staff members, who competed in a "Dancing With Our Stars" challenge to raise money for the school's music department.

Finally, but by no means an afterthought, the Los Angeles County chapter has supported the Orange County chapter's National Qualifying Event (Regional Championships) and the High Desert Dance Classic, an open-to-all multi-sport event founded by members of the Antelope Valley chapter. Some day we will be in a position to host a competition of our own, but until then we are proud to help sponsor these high-quality local events.

Thanks and congratulations go to all our members, but especially to the Boards of 2010-2011 and 2012-2013, who have worked really hard to ensure that Los Angeles County chapter meets the National mission of "improving the quality and quantity of ballroom dancing."