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The Chapter Board

Alexandra Caluen

USA Dance is an organization operated, at the local level, entirely by volunteers. Over the years, the Los Angeles chapter has benefited from the leadership of many good-hearted local dancers. Our all-volunteer Boards have made our chapter the largest on the West Coast, offering events and services (such as our long-running Senior Outreach program) that no other dance organization can provide.

We currently have seven Board members, but are allowed up to nine under National's general guidelines. Your seven volunteers for the 2014-2015 term are Jerry Hernandez, President; Nancy Rincon, Vice President; Herb McGurk, Treasurer; and Alexandra Caluen, Secretary; with Maiedell Rose, Angela Mosinskis, and Meredith Stern.

Not acting as Board members, but also offering constant and valuable support and advice are long-term volunteer and DJ James Woo and Senior Outreach Coordinator Irit Barak.

Monthly Board meetings typically take about 90 minutes. We discuss upcoming chapter events, community dance events and promotions, chapter participation in National events, and requests that we receive. After ten years, we have a lot of standard procedures in place, which minimize the amount of discussion needed for recurring events.

Board members do not need to have a specific "portfolio." Some Board members are team leaders - for Outreach, K-12, Social dances, or the Showcase. Others are all-around helpers. Only the officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) have specific duties laid out by National.

Our current President is Jerry Hernandez. Past Presidents are Michael Caan; Jeffrey the Barak; Harris Sperling; David Spetner; and Herb McGurk. If you see these gentlemen out and about, ask them about volunteering to serve on the Board!

Duties defined by National:

President - presides at board meetings, sees that orders and resolutions of the board are carried out, serves as an ex-official member of all committees, completes annual chapter activity report to National;

Vice-President - acts in the place and stead of the President in the president's absence or incapacity;

Secretary - keeps minutes of all board meetings, records votes and actions taken, distributes minutes to board members, manages correspondence on behalf of the chapter;

Treasurer - collects and deposits all chapter monies, signs checks, maintains financial records, presents financial statements at board meetings, completes annual chapter financial report to National.

The current Board has decided on an every-other-month meeting schedule for 2014. Our chapter programs are running smoothly under their experienced volunteer leaders, and much other business can be disposed of in a few e-mails per month.

We encourage any member with an interest in contributing their voice to attend a meeting and consider joining the Board. It is important that the Board represent the entire membership, and every viewpoint has value. Please feel free to speak to any of your Board volunteers at any of our chapter events.