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USA Dance

Information and articles about the USA Dance organization as well as our LA Chapter.

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New Year's Eve - September 22, 2014

updates to plans for our chapter New Year's Eve party

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Tenth Anniversary - a look back

Los Angeles County Chapter #4031 celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2014.

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Chapter Dance Hosts

a guide and application for chapter dance hosts

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The Chapter Board

Chapter Board

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USA Dance Membership

One of the greatest benefits of membership in USA Dance is simply being an active participant in and supporter of this dynamic and effective leader, promoter and supporter of ballroom dancing.

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Our Mission Statement

The USA Dance national mission statement.

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USA Dance Chapter of the Year!

We are pleased to announce that USA Dance Los Angeles County, Chapter #4031, has been selected as 2012-2013 National Chapter of the Year.

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DanceSport on the Chapter Scale

DanceSport is one of the top priorities for USA Dance as a national organization. From the very beginning, USA Dance was formed with the vision of securing a spot for DanceSport as a medal sport in the Olympics.

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USA Dance Communications

Greetings to our members and friends! This is an important message about how to receive chapter communications.

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Privacy Policy

Our Chapter's Privacy Policy Statement.

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Our All Stars!

Special thanks to all the people who make USA Dance and our LA Chapter possible!

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USA Dance is an all-volunteer national organization. At the local level, chapter volunteers host social dances; organize Senior Outreach performances; connect schools to ballroom dance instruction through our K-12 program; and much more!